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25 Mart 2020

Experienced web developer ə/h qeyd olunmayıb

Əmək haqqı: ə/h qeyd olunmayıb
Təklif edən şəxs: Hüquqi şəxs
Şirkət: Bluelife aı
Şəhər Bakı
Kateqoriya: Müxtəlif

İş barədə məlumat:

Company: BlueLife AI
Leverage the power of AI with tailored cutting-edge solutions.

https://www.bluelife.ai/” href=”https://www.bluelife.ai/”>https://www.bluelife.ai/

Position: Experienced Web Developer

Required skills:

• Experience with the coding languages such as HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript;
• Experience with server-side frameworks such as python, ruby, java, etc.
• Experience with server and cloud architecture;
• Experience with Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP;
• Experience with APIs and third-party libraries;
• Experience with database systems such as SQL and Oracle;

Job responsibilities will include but not limited to the following:

• Server Configuration & Domain Purchase/Setup;
• Login/Signup/Roles;
• Reviews Functionality (Admin Approve/Disapprove functionality, homepage form, DB structure and storage);
• Articles Functionality (Admin Section to Create/Edit/Remove, DB structure and storage, Homepage slider functionality);
• Social Feedback Functionality (Admin section to Create/Edit/Remove, DB structure and storage);
• Events Functionality (Admin section to Create/Edit/Remove, New TextEditor functionality, Popup functionality, popup image slider, DB structure and storage);
• Landing page design (working in Mobile/Tablet/Desktop);
• Admin File Uploader (Amazon S3 configuration, uploader functionality, valid files definition);
• Experience with domain purchasing, website Hosting and Amazon S3 (Files Storage).

What we expect from the applicants are:

• The ability to learn fast;
• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field (computer/software engineering);
• Knowledge of emerging technologies, mobile architectures, trends and landscapes
• ADA University education is an advantage;
• Some engineering background is a plus;
• Some consulting experience is a plus;
• Good mathematical and problem-solving skills;
• Good communication and team-working skills;
• English language is a must. Russian is a big plus.

Additional information:

• Flexible working schedule;
• Remote work;
• Competitive salary;
• Opportunity to work with globally known experts.

Deadline for applications: April 20, 2020

Please send your resumes at y****[email protected]*******.ai" href="mailto:y****[email protected]*******.ai">y****[email protected]*******.ai indicating the title of the position in the subject line of your message.
Only candidates with required skills and proven experience will be considered for position.

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