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Job posting rules

1. The job being posted appears in search results for 90 days and then is removed. A company or individual who posted a job can reactivate a deleted job after 90 days.

2. It is forbidden to fill any vacancy in CAPITAL LETTERS, and it is also forbidden to fill in any job advertisement in the "translit" font.

3. Sections marked with (*) are required.

4. All sections of the application form must be filled out accurately, otherwise the publication of the vacancy on the site may be delayed.

5. To make changes to any vacancy, use your personal account. If an already posted vacancy is changed, the changes will be moderated again.

6. It is prohibited to post information that is not related to the content of the site.

7. The line "Company" must contain the official name of the company.

8. The employer can also post a vacancy as an individual, for this you need to select "Individual" in the "Provider of the vacancy" section.

9. You must provide an active email address in the contact section.

10. “Job description” and “Requirements for the candidate“ should be described in as much detail as possible.

11. Repeated announcements placed within a short period of time will not be published on the site.

12. It is not allowed to post several vacancies with the same names, but with different content of the job description, in this case the company can convert duplicate vacancies into one vacancy, summarize the information about vacancies and add a vacancy announcement in this form.

13. The name of the vacancy must correspond to the selected category.

14. If obscene or offensive words are found in any vacancy, the vacancy will be immediately removed.

15. Job advertisements in network marketing are not published on our website.