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Resume posting rules

1. A posted resume appears in search results for 30 days and then is removed. The user who posted the resume can reactivate the deleted resume after 30 days. Posting of a resume is free.

2. It is forbidden to fill the resume in CAPITAL LETTERS, and it is also prohibited to fill the resume in the font “translit”.

3. Sections of the form marked with (*) are required.

4. All sections of the form must be filled out accurately, otherwise the publication of the resume on the site may be delayed.

5. Use your personal account to make corrections to your resume. If changes are made to an already published resume, it will be moderated again.

6. It is prohibited to post information that is not related to the content of the site.

7. Filling in the "Name" and "Surname" sections is required.

8. Entering your email address and mobile phone number in the contact section is required.

9. Information about education, work experience, skills and other special personal qualities should be described in as much detail as possible.

10. Identical resumes placed in a row in a short period of time will not be published.

11. Adding a photo to your resume increases its effectiveness. If a user adds an image, there should be only one person on it and the candidate's face should be clearly visible.

12. If the person submitting the resume has several different professions, then this person can post several resume, provided that each resume contains a different name of the profession.

13. Only one position can be marked in the "Profession" section.

14. When posting a resume, the name of the profession must correspond to the selected category.

15. If any obscene or offensive words are found in the published resume, it will be immediately removed, and the e-mail address specified in the resume will be blocked.