Well site geologist

26 Dekabr 2016

Well site geologist ə/h qeyd olunmayıb

Əmək haqqı: ə/h qeyd olunmayıb
Təklif edən şəxs: Hüquqi şəxs
Şirkət: Oil & gas company
Şəhər Bakı
Kateqoriya: Neft, qaz, energetika

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Oil & Gas Company working in Azerbaijan is looking for: 

Well Site Geologist

Job Summary:

Geologist is a key technical contributor working across different fields of Geology with basic to intermediate understanding of Geophysics, Geomechanics or Petrophysics. He/She combines knowledge of logging sensor with understanding of oil and gas geology in order to quantify and quality control geological data from services independent of conveyance to determine the reservoir architecture, reservoir compartmentalization, hydrocarbon in place, and lithology or facies distribution via a single/multi well data set.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

Geologist have to fully understand the different aspects of the job, such as:
- Getting proficiency in loading data, making a cross section, editing files and transferring data and files. He/She collaborates to load various data types including logs (open hole and production, well tops, completion, perforations), bitmaps and cultural; can describe what a property attribute is and how it can be used for mapping in Petrel or Geoframe.
- Collaborates in projects to identify the reservoir from a simple set of logs and demonstrates ability to calculate fluid saturation; Shows proficiency in creating a base map complete with scale bar, north arrow, title box and projection information; Is able to explain the basic properties of seismic waves, including: reflection and refraction, P waves, S waves, round roll, multiples, normal values of wave frequencies and velocities, the effect of reservoir fluids on seismic waves.
- Works in basic concepts of seismic stratigraphy. Include geologic causes, implications for oil and gas exploration, appearance on seismic sections, and a brief outline of how well logs aid such interpretation; basics of structural geology.
- Gets proficiency to use multiple software modules to initially generate a structural model of the prospect. The basic workflow should include seismic interpretation and analysis, geologic interpretation, rock property analysis, mapping, structural framework creation in time, and depth conversion.
- Performs facies modeling, e.g. indicator simulation, facies transition, object modeling, interactive facies modeling. Maintain close relationships with other business related to the Geology Domain.

Please, note that position is offshore base and requires geologist’s experience of at least 3 years.

Interested candidate shall direct their CV to Recruitment Baku r*****************[email protected]******.com by January 15, 2017.  Please, indicate the position title in the email subject.

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