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03 Oktyabr 2016

Security manager ə/h qeyd olunmayıb

Əmək haqqı: ə/h qeyd olunmayıb
Təklif edən şəxs: Hüquqi şəxs
Şirkət: Plant
Şəhər Bakı
Kateqoriya: Mühafizə, təhlükəsizlik, polis

İş barədə məlumat:

Security Manager

Work experience as a Security Manager in Heavy Industrial Sector is a Must.


- High-school diploma or equivalent required, Associate's degree preferred.

- A minimum of 5 years managerial experience within a security profession required.

- Familiarity with building control and security systems as well as expertise in current security technology and best practices required.


Manage the development of, and monitor the execution of, all security procedures and protocols for all metals facilities. Develop, implement and deploy the most up to date controls, procedures and equipment regarding all aspects of security. Plan and determine personnel requirements for any new and or expanding site. Develop budgets and manage activities to accomplish financial objectives.

Ensure all operations conform to the company's security policies and procedures, as well as federal, state, and local regulations. Evaluate all applicable domestic, state, local and vendor specific requirements and regulations with regards to security procedures. Maintain good working relationships with all agencies.

Review and make recommendations regarding maintenance, alteration and repair of buildings, structures, systems and facilities; the movement and installation that may impact any part of established Security procedures and systems.

Maintain close surveillance over operations through perusal of reports, staff meetings, direct observation, and personal contact to assure coordination and integration of workflow, timely production, budgetary conformance, schedules, and the utilization of personnel, skills, equipment, and facilities.

Through motivating techniques, delegate proper authority and responsibility to subordinates to coordinate and expedite activities in the areas security.

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