Logistics manager

08 Dekabr 2016

Logistics manager ə/h qeyd olunmayıb

Əmək haqqı: ə/h qeyd olunmayıb
Təklif edən şəxs: Hüquqi şəxs
Şirkət: Gilan holding
Şəhər Bakı
Kateqoriya: Logistika, gömrük, anbar

İş barədə məlumat:

Logistics Manager

Gilan Holding is looking to recruit skilled and experienced Logistics Manager to join our highly professional team.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Collaborate with sales, marketing and retailers to adjust and/or correct orders as needed;
• Control over logistics and shipment of goods;
• Orders processed expediently and accurately including but not limited to:
o Resolution and re-determination of price variances
o Correct incompletes in order file
o Daily review of order blocks
o Analyze fill-rate of orders
• Build strong relationship with key partners and suppliers;
• Accurately maintaining database;
• To ensure proper pricing in database;
• Make sure, that all requests are processed in accordance with order management policies and procedures;
• Accurately processing invoice adjustments as required;
• Other duties as requested by the management.


• Higher education;
• Work Experience: at least 2-3 years in retail sphere;
• Strong communication, analytical skills;
• Ability to work in a team;
• Ability to work under pressure and in flexible working hours;
• Adaptation to change;
• Fluent in spoken and written Azerbaijani, English and Russian;
• Excellent Computer skills (MS Word, Excel, Internet, etc.).

To apply for the vacancy, kindly follow the link below: http://hr.gilanholding.com/v/2910?lang=en#

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