ICT and Social Networks Coordinator

25 May 2016

ICT and Social Networks Coordinator ə/h qeyd olunmayıb

Əmək haqqı: ə/h qeyd olunmayıb
İş təcrübəsi: 5 il
Təklif edən şəxs: Hüquqi şəxs
Şirkət: Transparency Azerbaijan
Şəhər Bakı
Kateqoriya: İnternet

İş barədə məlumat:

Job location: Baku, Azerbaijan, with infrequent travels to the regional offices based in Ganja and Guba, as well as Berlin headquarters

E-mail: z****[email protected]***********.az; i**[email protected]***********.az

Job Description:
Creates and maintains office network in good order
Maintains office equipment in good shape
Provides anti-virus treatment
Provides weekly back-up of electronic materials
Loads materials on the website in liaison with project assistant and PR.
Follows latest developments in the IT market (software and hardware) and makes recommendations. 

Job Requirements

Essential Job Functions:
Perform a weekly back of all office data, copying all data to the server and
separately to a standalone information carrier;
Enhance staff ability to use PCs on need basis;
Weekly check all computers for viruses;
Attend to virus suspicions of the office staff on need basis;
Procure and install new antivirus programs and their updates;
To maintain organization’s website and Face book page;
Facilitate discussions with the youth on organizations Face book page
Conduct inventory of the organizations’ equipment and furniture and make all necessary records on obsolete or damage property;
Update office equipment on need basis.
Advanced degree in ICT communications or other related field.
5 years of professional experience in development and implementation information
communication strategies, management of hardware and software platforms and
telecommunications facilities and knowledge of windows-based packages/applications,
web design and development of web-based office applications.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:
Good knowledge of HTML and CMS basic knowledge
Microsoft Windows (latest versions)
Operating Systems and Microsoft Office suite of products
Proficiency in desktop hardware and software, network and cabling
Proficiency in telecommunications hardware and software and IP routing
Knowledge of other programming languages
Proficiency in English, Russian, and Azerbaijani language is an asset.

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